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Spring 2009 Northeastern University

This week’s blog assignment March 23, 2009

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Take some time to go through your classmates’ blogs – the list is over to the right. Leave a comment on at least two different blogs¬† – on any post that gets your attention, etc. Yes, this let’s me see that you are doing the assignment – but it’s good to see what others are doing, what other kinds of comments they may be getting, etc. Sometimes it gives you ideas, etc.


Your blogs March 12, 2009

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Some of you had some interesting spring breaks and wrote about it on your blogs.

Kristie went to Jamaica on an alternative spring break and has some great pics on her blog!

Chris went to Mexico and wrote a spring break food review!

Nate went to Ft. Myers to cover NU baseball playing the Red Sox – here are some of his pics!

Mike covered local high school sports, some for the Boston Globe – here are some pics he took at the Girls Semifinal basketball tournament

Rachel went home to L.A. and wrote about the unique L.A. fashion sense

Nina went shopping for an internship interviewing wardrobe


Your Podcasts February 27, 2009

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Creative Commons photos February 24, 2009

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So we are all finding photos online with Creative Commons licenses. I tried to find a few newsroom/media images. This one was on


Photo by victoriapeckham/Creative Commons Attribution License


More than a diploma February 23, 2009

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This is interesting – a recent post on a blog by a Michigan elementary school teacher who has some ideas on enhancing your standard high school diploma.

“After 13 years of work getting a K-12 education, why is it that all a student has to show for it is (if things go well) a diploma?

It seems to me like our goals should be so much different, such as:

In writing: students should have a very rich blog with hundreds of quality posts on it, as well as several major self-published pieces and several other items that were genuinely published by outside sources (editorials in the local paper, columns for a trade magazine, etc.) …”

and he finishes with …

“Finally: students should be heading to their post-K-12 life with a plan for the future, rather than just heading to college because everyone is doing it.¬† They should have an extensive understanding of a significant number of careers in their preferred field(s) of study as well.”

Well, you guys are already in college, but I think the same idea carries over and you should come out of college with a portfolio of work – a lot of you get this chance with work from your co-op, etc. and I think this will benefit you greatly, particularly in the current job market. I originally saw this post through another blog Buzz Machine, whose author is always thinking “outside of the box” when it comes to the media, journalism education, etc.


Copyright talk February 19, 2009

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In class tomorrow we are going to talk a bit about online use of photos/audio, etc. Here are two Websites we’ll look at

Creative Commons licenses

Wikimedia commons

Everystock Photo– free photos with Common Licenses


Audio slideshow example February 17, 2009

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I’m going to start posting links to various audio slideshows to help you get ideas for your slideshows and also to think about how you are going to approach the project.

Here is a recent one from the New York Times about everyday people in economically depressed Pontiac, Michigan. Notice how you don’t hear the voice of the reporter – it is all voices of the people the story is about. Notice all the background sounds – of the restaurant, etc. Notice how the people introduce themselves – it’s great to get this on tape to use in your piece.