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Spring 2009 Northeastern University

This week’s blog assignment March 23, 2009

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Take some time to go through your classmates’ blogs – the list is over to the right. Leave a comment on at least two different blogs  – on any post that gets your attention, etc. Yes, this let’s me see that you are doing the assignment – but it’s good to see what others are doing, what other kinds of comments they may be getting, etc. Sometimes it gives you ideas, etc.


Your blogs March 12, 2009

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Some of you had some interesting spring breaks and wrote about it on your blogs.

Kristie went to Jamaica on an alternative spring break and has some great pics on her blog!

Chris went to Mexico and wrote a spring break food review!

Nate went to Ft. Myers to cover NU baseball playing the Red Sox – here are some of his pics!

Mike covered local high school sports, some for the Boston Globe – here are some pics he took at the Girls Semifinal basketball tournament

Rachel went home to L.A. and wrote about the unique L.A. fashion sense

Nina went shopping for an internship interviewing wardrobe


Your blogs February 13, 2009

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This week I thought I would highlight some culture/fashion writing on your blogs.

Rachel, who is covering fashion, breaks down the outfits worn by the lead actress in the new movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”

Nina, who is also writing about fashion, searches for the perfect t-shirt both here and here

And Sam has been doing a nice job following the saga of artist Shepard Fairy, who has an exhibit going on in Boston but was also arrested by Boston police in controversial fashion for old graffitti charges. Fairy is also involved with a lawsuit regarding his Obama image that was based on an Associated Press news photo.


Promoting your blog February 11, 2009

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First off, some of you have already drawn some regular followers of your blog – and that is great. Even if it is just friends and family, it’s a start!

Others may be wondering: Where is everybody?

It can be a bit discouraging, when you are writing post after post on your blog, but don’t see anyone commenting on your prolific witty and knowledgeable writings.  There are many blogs out there that got off to an enthusiastic start, but slowly fizzle because the writer isn’t sure if anyone is reading and gives up. The best course is to just to keep plugging away. Write and write and write. Obviously you have to because this is for class, but it is also good discipline and you will grow as a writer, even if no one, but your best friends or parents, are reading you.

If you feel you are starting to find a voice, and you are writing regularly, you might want to think about getting your blog “out there” a bit more. There are a few ways to plug in to the blogosphere. One is to link to other blogs on your site and then read them on a regular basis. When you click on the link from your blog into theirs, they may notice you if they are following their referrer links (some blogging programs allow bloggers to see how much traffic they have and where it is coming from). Some of these blogs, may in turn, put up a link back to you, driving their readers over to your site for a visit. To be more involved, start commenting on these other blogs to join the conversation.

Another option is Google. Share your url address with Google and they may add it to their vast index. This means when people type in certain words during a search, your blog may turn up as one of the links. Go to this page to learn more about this.

But the purpose of our assignment is not to become the most popular blog or build high traffic. The point is to be “out there” with your voice, improve your writing, work with some original photography, and possible connect or tap into a community that exists in the blogosphere. Good luck!


Your blogs January 29, 2009

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So once or twice a week I’ll highlight a few of your blogs and posts so you can keep tabs on what everyone is doing. It’s been fun reading them so far – I learn something new every day. Some of you are already getting some traffic/comments  – which is great. One way to start getting readers is to spread the word among friends and family -when you are ready. Don’t worry if it takes some time.

So this week, Brad, who is writing a behind-the-scenes blog about playing college hockey did a ranking of the rinks they play on and another on the juggle of school, sport and downtime.

And Ashley wrote a great piece on … well, I’ll phrase it differently then her post title … but the longest explicit scene on a daytime soap. I had not heard about this at all – it shows you how daytime TV kind of flies under the radar of the FCC compared to prime time. I thought her post was humorous and I also like how she posts questions at the end of her pieces to elicit opinions from readers.


Rachel’s Inauguration adventure January 26, 2009

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So while we were “live” blogging the Inauguration last week during class, your classmate Rachel on at the actual event. You can read about her day on her blog.


Journalism student on scene of firetruck crash January 10, 2009

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Jared Molten, a NEU journalism student, took pictures at the scene of the firetruck that crashed into the building on Mission Hill and posted on his blog and loaded up to Flickr. Universal Hub picked up on it (we’ll be talking about this site in class). Here’s the link

It’s exciting to see a j-student spring into action like this!