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More than a diploma February 23, 2009

Filed under: interesting stuff — ematson @ 7:48 pm

This is interesting – a recent post on a blog by a Michigan elementary school teacher who has some ideas on enhancing your standard high school diploma.

“After 13 years of work getting a K-12 education, why is it that all a student has to show for it is (if things go well) a diploma?

It seems to me like our goals should be so much different, such as:

In writing: students should have a very rich blog with hundreds of quality posts on it, as well as several major self-published pieces and several other items that were genuinely published by outside sources (editorials in the local paper, columns for a trade magazine, etc.) …”

and he finishes with …

“Finally: students should be heading to their post-K-12 life with a plan for the future, rather than just heading to college because everyone is doing it.  They should have an extensive understanding of a significant number of careers in their preferred field(s) of study as well.”

Well, you guys are already in college, but I think the same idea carries over and you should come out of college with a portfolio of work – a lot of you get this chance with work from your co-op, etc. and I think this will benefit you greatly, particularly in the current job market. I originally saw this post through another blog Buzz Machine, whose author is always thinking “outside of the box” when it comes to the media, journalism education, etc.


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