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Spring 2009 Northeastern University

Covering snowstorms January 28, 2009

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Here is a piece that looks at the unique multimedia techniques The Oklahoman Website used to cover their recent ice/snow storm- using Twitter, live blogging from out in the storm, viewer  input, video, etc.  This is a newspaper that is revinventing itself as a source for news in mulitple formats.


The team behind January 21, 2009

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A recent article in New York magazine looked at the group of techies/journalists behind the interactive features on the Now that the print division and online division are merged into one newsroom, the Times is off and running with their Website (finally!).  Read the piece to get a good idea on what working on a  Website is like. It also mentions what I talked about in class when I reminisce about the “old days” of the  late ’90s, when the Web staff was ostracized physcially and socially in the newsroom – a lot of resistance to putting newspapers up on the Web. Changing that culture in the newsroom has been a slow process but for the most part, everyone has come around. It is the future.


The future’s uncertain and the end is always near … January 15, 2009

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Jeff Jarvis writes the blog Buzz Machine,  which tracks all the ups and downs of new media, old media, technology, citizen journalism, etc. Jarvis is director of the new-media program at The City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism.

A sentence from a post the other day about the death of the press caught my eye:

“The key to survival is reinventing what we do.”

He’s referring to journalists/media here. You students are the “reinventers” and your advantage is you don’t come with the baggage of how things used to be done or “should” be done.


Working solo – doing it all January 13, 2009

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I noticed this piece in the Washington Post last month. A TV station in DC is going to one-person news crews. Meaning a reporter will act as cameraman and reporter. They will shoot and edit their own stories. This station is the first in the DC area to do this, but it is a growing trend in television news. Which is why you’ll get sick of me hearing that the more skills you develop across all the journalistic mediums (print, TV, radio, etc.), the better.