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More than a diploma February 23, 2009

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This is interesting – a recent post on a blog by a Michigan elementary school teacher who has some ideas on enhancing your standard high school diploma.

“After 13 years of work getting a K-12 education, why is it that all a student has to show for it is (if things go well) a diploma?

It seems to me like our goals should be so much different, such as:

In writing: students should have a very rich blog with hundreds of quality posts on it, as well as several major self-published pieces and several other items that were genuinely published by outside sources (editorials in the local paper, columns for a trade magazine, etc.) …”

and he finishes with …

“Finally: students should be heading to their post-K-12 life with a plan for the future, rather than just heading to college because everyone is doing it.¬† They should have an extensive understanding of a significant number of careers in their preferred field(s) of study as well.”

Well, you guys are already in college, but I think the same idea carries over and you should come out of college with a portfolio of work – a lot of you get this chance with work from your co-op, etc. and I think this will benefit you greatly, particularly in the current job market. I originally saw this post through another blog Buzz Machine, whose author is always thinking “outside of the box” when it comes to the media, journalism education, etc.


Talking to the Taliban January 8, 2009

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A recent column on the Poynter Website Multimedia Projects You May Have Missed in 2008” (Regina McCombs) links to some great multimedia. This one is by a Canadian media org. The journalist hired a researcher to go out and interview¬† Taliban fighters. They were all asked the same set of questions on video. It’s a rare look into this group. It’s a long piece, but it’s broken into segments so you can take a few minutes to check out a few different parts if you are short on time.

Talking to the Taliban