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Spring 2009 Northeastern University

Base jumping in Norway January 30, 2009

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This really has nothing to do with what we are doing but it’s visually amazing – the Website is a video sharing site similar to Flickr.

This is a video of base jumpers in Norway who use “wingsuits.” It starts off with them on skiis, but the summerime stuff is even more impressive so watch for a little bit.


Your blogs January 29, 2009

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So once or twice a week I’ll highlight a few of your blogs and posts so you can keep tabs on what everyone is doing. It’s been fun reading them so far – I learn something new every day. Some of you are already getting some traffic/comments  – which is great. One way to start getting readers is to spread the word among friends and family -when you are ready. Don’t worry if it takes some time.

So this week, Brad, who is writing a behind-the-scenes blog about playing college hockey did a ranking of the rinks they play on and another on the juggle of school, sport and downtime.

And Ashley wrote a great piece on … well, I’ll phrase it differently then her post title … but the longest explicit scene on a daytime soap. I had not heard about this at all – it shows you how daytime TV kind of flies under the radar of the FCC compared to prime time. I thought her post was humorous and I also like how she posts questions at the end of her pieces to elicit opinions from readers.


Covering snowstorms January 28, 2009

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Here is a piece that looks at the unique multimedia techniques The Oklahoman Website used to cover their recent ice/snow storm- using Twitter, live blogging from out in the storm, viewer  input, video, etc.  This is a newspaper that is revinventing itself as a source for news in mulitple formats.


Rachel’s Inauguration adventure January 26, 2009

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So while we were “live” blogging the Inauguration last week during class, your classmate Rachel on at the actual event. You can read about her day on her blog.


Blog readings

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These are from the syllabus (second week).

Weblogs: a history and perspective – by Rebecca Blood

Tips for young journalists on blogging

“How To Blog” – by Tony Pierce –some of his advice goes against our class policies for class blogs (e.g., “cuss like a sailor”), but it’s still a great off-the-cuff how-to list. Here is a more serious Q&A with him about his job at the LATimes (in charge of blogs) and how blogs are working at the LATimes Website.


Links for photography exercise January 25, 2009

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Due Tuesday 1/27

Come to class prepared to talk about the slideshows you looked at in the sites listed below. Type up some notes to turn in – which photos moved you, which one is your favorite and why, which photo conveys a story with just one shot? Which photos did you dislike and why? Did the captions work well. What about the mechanics of the slideshow – what features do you like, dislike?

You’ll be taking turns up front with computer on front screen to show class your slideshow. You may want to e-mail yourself a specific url link so that you can click on it to bring it up faster.  On all of these, only look at the slideshows, not audio slideshows or video.

New York Times – this link will take you to multi-media page

Reuters Slideshows

BBC (they call them Galleries)

Washington Post (just called Photo)

For something a little different
National Geographic

These are just suggestions – you can find them many news sites.


Your readings January 22, 2009

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I’m going to post the links to your readings here on the blog because I’ve given up on Blackboard and its lack of dealing with embedded links. Please peruse these sites and/or articles. These are from the first week.


Online Storytelling Forms – by Jonathan Dube, Cybernet

J-Lab examples of online media

The elements of Digital Storytelling – University of Minnesota

Look in depth at multimedia packages on New York