Online Journalism

Spring 2009 Northeastern University

Your blogs January 29, 2009

Filed under: students blogging — ematson @ 8:01 pm

So once or twice a week I’ll highlight a few of your blogs and posts so you can keep tabs on what everyone is doing. It’s been fun reading them so far – I learn something new every day. Some of you are already getting some traffic/comments  – which is great. One way to start getting readers is to spread the word among friends and family -when you are ready. Don’t worry if it takes some time.

So this week, Brad, who is writing a behind-the-scenes blog about playing college hockey did a ranking of the rinks they play on and another on the juggle of school, sport and downtime.

And Ashley wrote a great piece on … well, I’ll phrase it differently then her post title … but the longest explicit scene on a daytime soap. I had not heard about this at all – it shows you how daytime TV kind of flies under the radar of the FCC compared to prime time. I thought her post was humorous and I also like how she posts questions at the end of her pieces to elicit opinions from readers.


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