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Spring 2009 Northeastern University

Links for photography exercise January 25, 2009

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Due Tuesday 1/27

Come to class prepared to talk about the slideshows you looked at in the sites listed below. Type up some notes to turn in – which photos moved you, which one is your favorite and why, which photo conveys a story with just one shot? Which photos did you dislike and why? Did the captions work well. What about the mechanics of the slideshow – what features do you like, dislike?

You’ll be taking turns up front with computer on front screen to show class your slideshow. You may want to e-mail yourself a specific url link so that you can click on it to bring it up faster.  On all of these, only look at the slideshows, not audio slideshows or video.

New York Times – this link will take you to multi-media page

Reuters Slideshows

BBC (they call them Galleries)

Washington Post (just called Photo)

For something a little different
National Geographic

These are just suggestions – you can find them many news sites.


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