Online Journalism

Spring 2009 Northeastern University

Live blogging the inauguration January 20, 2009

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11:44 – Our Online Journalism class just started and we are live blogging as we go. We have NBC on in the room. President elect Barack Obama just came out. And now Sen. Feinstein is speaking.

11:47 – Now Rick Warren is giving the invocation. It is dead silent while he is speaking. Except when he says Obama’s name and then everyone cheers. Words that stand out: share, serve, justice, just, healthy, difficult times, God (many times), first African-American president.

11:52 – Aretha Franklin is now singing “My Country Tis of Thee.” I love her hat! Her voice is a bit off, but it is freezing cold out.

11:54 – The clock is ticking – someone in charge must be nervous because he needs to be sworn in within 6 minutes.

11:55 – Here we go. Biden is up.

11:57 – “so help me God” – and Biden is now our Vice President.

11:58 – more music. It’s like the Academy Awards. I’ll take this lull to take a pic of the class.

12:02 – this long music interlude is allowing me to figure out how to insert the pic I just took.

12:04 – I can’t even write about this. The stumbling over the words of the oath of office! It went so fast. Mrs. Obama looked like she was going to crack up when he messed up. Oh well, maybe it’s a good sign – he’s human!

12:07 – President Obama is speaking.  I’m just going to pay attention for a bit. I like the “We must pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off.”

12:19 – Students are blogging too.  Here are a few: Ashley’s TV Blog, Beats the swag, Circling the Playing Fields, Ramen Blog

12:23 – Lots of imagery in his speech. Historical imagery.

12:26 – He is done. The crowd is happy.

12:28 – some other students blogging: Candice on her other blog,

Taking one for the team

In the crease with Thiess

12:53 – the Obamas just had the good bye with the Bushes – G.W. seemed very emotional. There goes the helicopter – good bye.

1:00. So we are wrapping up. This is trivial but I thought Mrs. Obama’s outfit was stunning and I just checked the NYTimes and they already have  a piece about it. We were discussing where Bush is flying off to and we think it is Texas. We just learned Pres. Obama is left-handed. Here is a link to his speech.

Here is our class watching the big show

Here is our class watching the big show


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