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Spring 2009 Northeastern University

Welcome! January 5, 2009

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Welcome to Online Journalism 525!

To start you off, Scott Kirsner at the Boston Globe wrote today about this blog post by Antonio Rodriguez who works for Hewlett Packard. I’ve noticed similar stuff with my daughter who just turned 6  – they figure out technology quick and adapt new ways of using it. The future of the media is literally in the younger generations hands! Here is his post:

One year after giving him an OLPC (which was bomb of a present), I broke down and gave my 6 year old a bottom of the barrel iPod Touch thinking that it might be fun to give him access to the Internet for those random moments when he bets me that he can google something.

Two days into it, I have two observations:

1. These keyboardless laptops are the future of computing, no question. For about $200 you can put something in a kid’s hands that can a) surf the Internet, b) consume media, and c) do just about anything that a general purpose computer can do. Forget about it— the old desktop/laptop paradigm of computing is about as toast as the minicomputers were when the PC showed up. Compared to the OLPC, the intuitive factor is high: within an hour he was using the web browser and with just a teeny bit of coaxing he was sending emails like a pro. Subject line only emails, but emails nonetheless. This is the platform of the future and we might as well get used to it. Netbooks? Come on, give me a break!

2. Please Steve put a fricking camera on the iPod touch— it’s got to be about $3 of extra BOM and I am sure the market will accept you charging an extra $20 for it. The main challenge of both the iPod and the iPhone is that they are still being built as media consumption devices and it’s about time for that to change. These are the PCs of tomorrow so let’s get kids capturing still images and video and audio on them and fast. The AppStore wall will have to come down as well but you can hold on to that one for a while so long as you are willing to make all of these devices first class citizens on the content creation spectrum.

It may not be the iPod touch, it may not even be Apple— but let’s be clear about one thing: the post laptop form factor has been defined and it is going to be all about an Internet-connected screen that you can both touch and put in your pocket.

Now let’s get building some usecases for this thing!


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